A joint venture between the NHS South East Essex and the residents of
Castle Point, Rochford and Southend-on-Sea with lower leg ailments

Welcome to your club

Entrance is free, no appointments

Legs treated by specialised nurses

Come and join in our activities

Open every Tuesday afternoon

Meet and talk with other members

Enjoy our free hospitality

Where to find us

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In the hall, at the rear of the Salvation Army,
(main building)
7, Frobisher Way,
which is adjacent to the Parsons Barn

How to find us

By car - A car park is at the rear of the main building with access off Frobisher Way

By bus - Buses, 1,4,7,8,9, from Southend to the Asda Supermarket, Shoeburyness
It is a short walk to the hall.

Opening Hours
Tuesday afternoons only
between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

What is a Leg Club?

The concept of community based leg ulcer care has grown into a network of evidenced based leg ulcer centres. These centres are known as Leg Clubs.
At the end of 2010, there were twenty-two leg clubs in the U.K. and eleven in Australia. The Leg Club model was conceived by Ellie Lindsay, a district nurse, who started the first leg club in 1995 at Debenham, Suffolk
It is a unique partnership between the Complex Leg Ulcer Service and the local community, in which patients are empowered, through a sense of ownership, to become stakeholders in their own treatment. Leg Clubs aim to provide a high standard of care for anyone over the age of 18 years who is suffering from leg problems, notably ulcers, varicose veins, eczema etc. who is registered with a local General Practitioner. Treatment is provided by nurses specially trained in leg management, within a social environment where patients are treated collectively and the emphasis is on social interaction, participation, empathy and peer support where positive health beliefs are promoted.
Southend Leg Club is affiliated to the Lindsay Leg Club Federation which is a Registered Charity no. 111259.

Southend Leg Club

We opened our doors at the Scout Headquarters, Arterial Road, Southend in May 2004 not knowing whether anyone would cross the threshold.
At the end of 2010, having moved to the Salvation Army Hall, Frobisher Way, Shoeburyness in October 2009, our nurses had assessed and treated nearly 400 new patients and therefore we have nearly 400 members. Many, having been treated by our dedicated team of nurses, have well legs. Some members only attend for dopplers, others, we see every week for treatment or just to attend socially.

All members are welcome to enjoy our free hospitality of tea/coffee and cake served by volunteers and members.
In order to raise funds, we have a raffle each week, secondhand books and bric-a-brac are on sale, in addition, we have fundraising social events throughout the year.
A chiropodist visits the Club every 6 weeks.
In June 2010 we held a 'Summer Ball', the proceeds of which allowed us to purchase a Bariatric 3 section electrically operated couch. This was donated to our nurses for use, not only by our members, but all other sufferers of lower leg ailments who live within the boundaries of Castle Point, Rochford and Southend-on-Sea. We thank the NHS South East Essex for their foresight in supporting the 'Leg Club' model, for encouraging its formation in Southend and providing us with a professional, caring and dedicated team of Leg Ulcer nurses.

What our members say?

"........the treatment we have, not only treats our leg conditions but also helps to lift some of the depression........having time with other members, outside my four walls, once a week for a cup of tea and a little chat........the nurses are always ready to help whatever the problem........"

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